Application procedure

Who Can Participate?

The EUVP mainly targets current and emerging leaders, politicians, staffers, diplomats, Ambassadors, media professionals (television, radio, newspaper and digital), lawyers, academics and opinion modelers from the countries where the EEAS has a delegation, amongst others the USA, China, Russia, but also smaller countries like Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, the pre-accession countries, etc.

Since its beginning the EUVP has welcomed over 4,000 guests, some of whom have risen to positions of high office or responsibility, including EU Commissioner, Prime Ministers (Canada, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary), Governors of US States, Ambassadors, etc.

How Are Participants Selected?

Participants are proposed by the EEAS delegations but selected by the EUVP Management Committee in Brussels, composed of European Parliament and European Commission officials.

General eligibility rules:

The European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP) is designed to welcome participants preferably within an age range of 25 to 35 years old, who have at least a basic knowledge about the functioning of the EU Institutions and are fluent in at least one EU working language. Participants must have completed university education or equivalent training and will already have some years of professional experience.

The categories of EUVP participants include young Politicians, Government/Parliamentary officials, Academics, Civil Society actors and Media professionals.

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