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Dec 18, 2023

EUVP Alumni Success Story – Mr Bolorsaikhan Badamsambuu

Since participating in the online EUVP in 2021 as the UN National Human Rights Analyst, Bolorsaikhan actively participated in national advocacy campaign for the adoption of the Law on the Legal Status of Human Rights Defenders. Later, he worked as the research advisor to the ‘National research on public knowledge, attitude and practice about human rights’ and, jointly with a team of lawyers, participated as a researcher in the ‘Human rights assessment and analysis in the national legislation in Mongolia’. Bolorsaikhan also contributed to the research data collection and reporting processes on domestic situation analysis report ‘The State of Human Rights in Mongolia: Challenges and Solutions’.

When working as the Director of the ‘Strategy Academy’ think tank affiliated with Mongolian People's Party (MPP), Mr Badamsambuu was involved in the development of the party program in compliance with the concept of sustainable development and human rights-based approach. He also led the team to conduct rapid assessment of the National Human Rights Action Plan of 2003. In 2022, he developed training courses on political ideology, human rights and fundamental freedoms, human rights defenders, gender equality, development concepts for about 300,000 members of the party, organized and delivered human rights education and training content to grassroots constituencies and communities in nationwide.

He worked on the party initiative and its policies to ensure gender equality, including the promotion of gender equality within the organizational structure of political parties. Within the framework of the SDG 5, Bolorsaikhan actively promoted and supported the initiative to increase the quota for women among party candidates from 20 percent to 30 percent in the 2024 parliamentary election and aims to increase it to 40 percent for the following election in 2028 in the Law of the Election of the Parliament of Mongolia.

Since October 2022, Bolorsaikhan has been appointed as the Secretary of National Committee for Human Rights and the Director of Committee Secretariat. He showed leadership in adopting education laws in compliance with human rights-based approach, creating legal guarantees for social work and child protection, developing initial National Human Rights Index, drafting 2nd National Human Rights Action Plan, and initiating totally new mechanism which called on Local Human Rights Reporting and Review (LoHRRR). He also took the lead in developing and adopting the Action Plan on Implementation of Recommendations to Mongolia from 3rd cycle of UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review as well as National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. In cooperation with National Human Rights Commission as a crucial important stakeholder in domestic human rights protection system, he directed the joint task force to conduct national inquiry on realization of child rights in Mongolia and reported its findings to the parliamentary thematic hearing.

Also, as the Secretary of Open Government Partnership (OGP) Multi-stakeholder forum (MSF) and Mongolia’s Point-of-Contact (POC), Bolorsaikhan worked to intensify Mongolia’s OGP activities and to involve diverse representatives and stakeholders in development and submission of Mongolia’s National Action Plan IV and co-creation of National Action Plan V of OGP.

Now, as prime mover, he is lobbying to establish the National Recommendations Tracking Database, National Mechanism for Implementation, Reporting and Follow-up and UN Regional Human Rights Training and Research Center in Mongolia, to adopt 2nd National Human Rights Action Plan by the Parliament, and currently serving as a National Consultant on Human Rights to the first-ever ‘Parliament of Mongolia’s Self-Assessment on Human Rights and Gender Sensitivity’.

Mr Bolorsaikhan Badamsambuu, Secretary of the National Committee for Human Rights and National Council of Open Government Partnership, Mongolia

EUVP Alumnus 2021 (Online ) and 2023 (In-person)

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