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Sep 19, 2022

EUVP Visit Story – Galyna Mykhailiuk

Photo Ms Galyna MYKHAILIUKAre you considering applying for an EUVP visit? Ever wondered how EUVP programmes are organised and what their outcomes are? Follow the “EUVP visit stories”, featuring unique reports and testimonials from those who have joined us at the heart of the EU! Today, we take a look back at the EUVP visit of Dr Galyna Mykhailiuk from Ukraine, who participated in the EUVP programme in July 2022.

As Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Law Enforcement, I am responsible for international cooperation and coordination between the Committee on Law Enforcement and all international partners in the sphere of law enforcement activities; as well as harmonisation of Ukrainian legislation with international law.

As an elected official, I focus on strengthening three internationally recognized main functions of parliamentary committee – legislation, outreach and oversight. In light of Ukraine being granted the status of a candidate for EU membership on June 23, 2022, a special emphasis during the programme was put on the issue of bringing national legislation in compliance with acquis communautaire. In addition to the aforementioned areas of great interest and relevance, the list of urgent problems included addressing war crimes committed since the start of full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia and establishing effective domestic and international mechanisms for legal accountability of the perpetrators. Therefore, the exchange of expertise on drafting, adopting and implementing legislation, pertaining to investigations of war crimes and crimes against humanity, had been identified as areas of utmost benefit.

The impeccably organised and content-rich appointments of the study tour have undoubtedly resulted in unique exchange of extensive knowledge and expertise with esteemed counterparts from the European Parliament, European Commission and European External Action Service. The efficiency demonstrated in conducting outstanding and high-quality meetings was unparalleled, thus allowing me to apply received information in my current parliamentary activities.

Particularly, I consider attending the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg to be one of the most enriching experiences not only of the programme but of my professional life. Indeed, during the plenary week of my visit, the future agenda for the Czech Republic presidency was presented under the motto “Rethink, Rebuild, Recover” with a special focus on countering Russian aggression as a vital interest and a top priority for the European Union Member States. Such an approach gives Ukraine reason to hope that these programme activities will provide new impetus for even closer parliamentary engagement with the EU.

Furthermore, the European Union Visitors Programme provided the means to substantively confer about the current operational situation in Ukraine, specific possibilities of military, economic and humanitarian aid, as well as international assistance in investigating war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Overall, both my Brussels and Strasbourg agendas were extremely well-balanced and productive, allowing for fruitful communication with distinguished colleagues from the European Parliament. The high-intensity schedule emerged as extremely fulfilling and dynamic. Besides, the diversity of the participants invited for the study tour in this group has allowed for a unique exchange among the representatives of four continents. This being said, the friendly atmosphere, deep understanding and sympathies accorded to Ukraine by the members of the Programme as well as reputable counterparts brought an added value to the experience.

The immersive experience provided by the European Union Visitors Programme has exceeded my expectations in terms of both organisational capacity and the content component of conducted meetings. I am fully convinced that a network of personal contacts established in the course of the study visit will undoubtedly aid in my future parliamentary and professional activities, inter alia in cooperation with European institutions. Thus, my study visit courtesy of the European Union Visitors Programme is unquestionably the best visit I have ever had the pleasure of participating in.