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Dec 18, 2023

EUVP Visit Story – Vanja Petricevic, Ph.D.

Photo of Ms Vanja PetricevivIt was an honor to participate in the 2023 EUVP. As an Associate Professor of Comparative Politics and International Relations at Florida Gulf Coast University, the program was impeccably tailored for the research areas I sought to explore during my EUVP visit to Brussels. It provided an exclusive gateway to delve into the intricate layers of my research topic on political extremism across the EU. Strategically scheduled meetings spanned pivotal EU institutions and influential think tanks, orchestrating a good balance between direct engagements with policy-makers and insights from experts who provided a broad range of perspectives on the subject matter. Their willingness to share their expertise proved invaluable and underscored the multifaceted and profound challenges posed by political extremism across the EU. 

The experiences garnered through extensive discussions and interviews with professionals deeply involved in European politics were immensely enriching and intellectually stimulating. Additionally, the EUVP has provided a great platform for networking with a diverse group of individuals, laying the foundation for potential future collaborations. The EUVP’s intrinsic value transcends specific domains of inquiry by offering an excellent avenue to explore the intricate mechanisms of the EU. 

I am truly grateful for having met and interacted with so many brilliant professionals during my scheduled meetings in Brussels. I am also grateful for the meticulous program design crafted by the amazing and talented staff members of the EUVP and their unwavering commitment to providing a truly enriching research experience.