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Nov 18, 2022

EUVP programme in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt visual 1The EUVP is pleased to report that last month we have included in our EUVP programmes a special experience – visit to a new Member State, Germany!  The pilot programme took place in Frankfurt and was organized in cooperation with Goethe-Institut. Frankfurt is one of the major financial centers of the European Union, hence, the programme included a visit to the European Central Bank, German Stock Exchange and the Central Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany together with its Money Museum providing an insight look into the history of money as well as information about the national and European fiscal and monetary policies. 

Frankfurt visual 2Moreover, our Participants had a chance to see the most beautiful monuments of the city, which history dates back to 794! Since the Middle Ages Frankfurt has been one of Germany's main urban centres. Today it plays a major role in the world economy as a global financial, industrial and service centre and the venue of international trade fairs.

Our huge thanks to the Goethe-Institut Visitors’ Programme, in particular to Susanne Sporrer, Patricia Olligschläger and Stefan Zeidenitz for organizing such a fruitful and insightful visit!

Frankfurt visual 3Special thanks go also to our EUVP Participant from the United States Ms Sarah Corley for documenting the visit and sharing with us her photos.