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Jan 17, 2024

EUVP Visit Story - Kareem Salameh

Photo of Mr SalamehAbout Me
My name is Kareem Salameh, and I am an Energy Engineer with previous experience in the power generation industry, where I have worked on gas turbines and fuel sludge recovery. Having been exposed to the industry’s pivotal but destructive role, I became increasingly interested in fostering knowledge of change through a more sustainable and community-based spectrum. This led me to pursue a career as the Environment & Climate Unit Lead at the Development for People and Nature Association in Sidon, Lebanon. In this role, I focus on developing and implementing sustainable development projects that benefit the community. I am also a National Observatory Coordinator at Lebanon Eco Movement in Beirut, Lebanon, where I volunteer my time to promote environmental awareness and advocate for sustainable practices.

Visit to the EU Institutions as Part of the European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP)
I am grateful for the incredible opportunity to participate in the European Union Visitors Program (EUVP) organized by the European Parliament and European Commission. The visit has extended my understanding of the long-standing cooperation between the EU and the region, with a particular focus on Lebanon. Given the country’s unprecedented situation.

During the week of 16 October 2023, I had the privilege to engage with professionals from various EU Institutions, including insightful meetings with DG NEAR, DG ENV, DG CLIMA, DG EXPO, DG EAC, EEAS, EPRS, Unimed, and EVTA, focusing on energy, environment, climate change, sustainable development, youth participation, and humanitarian aid. Discussions delved also into neighbourhood and enlargement policies, emphasizing the significance of grassroots efforts in pursuit of sustainability. Insights highlighted the integral role of research in shaping policies for energy, climate, and development solutions. Altering the scope from emergency work, to more long-termed efforts.

Future Expected Plan: Accelerating Cooperation with the EU 
As a youth representative, I am eager to share gained knowledge and contribute meaningfully to the environmental, energy, and sustainability fields. I am thrilled to join the EUVP Alumni community and look forward to contributing to this dynamic network. My future plan is to leverage the knowledge and insights gained from the EUVP to develop and advocate for sustainable development projects in my country. Largely, contributing to a more holistic approach for recovery and reforms.

Also, sustain the fruitful exchanges with EU colleagues to ensure tailored support and cooperation towards shared goals is attained. Gladly, I consider that the EUVP has provided me with the necessary connections and resources to make a positive impact in these areas.


Heartfelt thanks to EUVP organizers and interlocutors, who made this transformative journey possible.